Answering the ‘Tell me about yourself’ Interview question

Tell me about yourself is one of the commonest interview questions. And usually it means : Tell me about yourself and why i should hire you. Its also another way to see how articulate you are, how confident you are and to estimate if you are even totally wrong for the job.

Unfortunately, lots of applicants do not know how to answer this question. Judging from how popular the ‘Tell me about yourself’ interview question is, no candidate should attempt to attend any interview without practicing or being prepared for this question.

The very wrong way to answer this question which is indeed ver common, is asking the interviewer: ‘What do you want to know?’. It just means you are unprepared, not articulate, not confident.

The right approach to answering the ’Tell me about yourself’ Interview question

Before attending any interview, pls READ THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE JOB POSITION.  Your aim of answering this question should be to prove to the interviewer that you are right for the job, you are suitable for this position. You should strive to match your qualifications to those required for the job postion. Some applicants talk about where they were born, where they live, how many children they have…that is of no importance to the interviewer honestly, unless of course he/she asks.  Your first strategy to answering the ’Tell me about yourself’ Interview question, would be to start with things that interest the interviewer. Say its a position for a Nurse in an NGO, you could start by saying ‘I am a certified Nurse with over 8 years experience in the public health industry’. That immediately catches the interest of your interviewer. Before i continue, let me say this: PLEASE DO NOT READ YOUR RESUME IN FRONT OF THE EMPLOYER.As crazy as it sounds, you find a lot of applicants doing this. You should know your qualifications if you really did study them! After the initial introduction, go ahead and give details of your qualification. Make it brief, no need to give details about who was your vice chancellor or how many years your school was on strike.

Move from there to your other achievements, ensure to highlight and mention all that are relevant to the job position being advertised. Also endeavor to highlight your achievements in your previous jobs or in your qualifications, First Class, Best Student etc, do not leave that out.

Please remember,  “The employer wants to know a little bit about you to begin with — not your life story. Write out the answer to this before you attend any interview, practice (not cram).

Lastly, please read about the job position and the requirement as they would definitely follow up with technical questions, not after bamboozling them with your answer to the ’Tell me about yourself’ Interview question, you do not know how to answer the question!

Remember that Adequate preparation brings confidence. Please ask your questions below and i would answer.